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50% off "ThrowBack" Tshirts!!


 At Point 5cc all our Tshirts are hand designed, printed, and shipped!! We take pride in being 100% hands on with our Tshirts! BUT- This leads to some shirts not coming out as perfect as we would like. In order to save YOU money and us waste, we offer these Point 5cc Tshirts at 50% off. That's only 10 bucks a shirt! Below is a picture of each of the available ThrowBacks.

Its as easy as 1 2 3 to order a ThrowBack Tshirt!

1. Browse our ThrowBack selection and pick the Point 5cc ThrowBack you like best

2. Hit the "Contact Us" Tab to your Right and send us a message indicating you would like a ThrowBack T shirt and give us the exact Title of that shirt. (ex: Super T XL 2)

3. Wait for our response within 24 hrs and we will send you a PayPal Link to the order the ThrowBack T shirt!!

 Its THAT easy!!  

Black Large Crew Neck Super T

White Crew Neck Large

Point 5cc Logo

White VNeck Large Brotherhood

White Small Crew Neck


White Crew Neck Small


Black Small Crew Neck

Point 5cc Logo

Black V Neck Medium

Strength and Courage

White Crew Neck 3XL Image on Back of Shirt

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