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Point 5cc Tshirt company.

Hey Guys and Gals! My name is Aydian and I am the one who designs, hand makes, ships, and manages Point 5cc. My Wife, Jenilee, is also a major asset to Point 5cc and the Transgender Community! Her dedication and understanding to the LGBT community is amazing! The production of these Tshirts could not be here without her support and understanding! You may recognize us from the "It Gets Better" Special on MTV and LOGO.  This Tshirt company was created to help me fund my Top Surgery. Each and every dollar made by Point 5cc went directly 100% to Fundraising for my Top Surgery.  Thanks to all you fellow Point 5cc supporters, I was able to reach my goal! I am currently 2 months Post Op from my Top Surgery on July 19th!

Now that my surgery was paid for, we want to help other Transgendered individuals reach their goals! 25% of all proceeds will go to one lucky person a year! That's 5 dollars a shirt! Check Out the "Surgery Fund" Link to see how to enter!

The vision of Point 5cc Tshirt company, is to take things that only people within our community would understand, and put them on a shirt! Things that one trans or trans friendly individual may understand, and a non supporter would not know about. Allowing YOU to sport your pride and awesome artistic views without being "outed" or discriminated against. Each and every Tshirt sold will make our community stronger by bringing everyone of YOU together to build friendships that will make our family bigger then ever before!

Every shirt order I recieve is specially made for YOU by US! Each design is hand drawn/created by US for YOU. We take great pride in my community and with these Tshirts, YOU can too!

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Jenilee is also an MSW Social Worker/Spiritual Advisor.  "Through her natural connection with the cards and being able to give people messages and insights into their lives with them and her Social Work training and skills, she has become a Spiritual Advisor." Helping people in and out of the LGBT community!

Check out her website for more information on Readings:  Readings By Jenilee

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