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Binder Giveaways!

Another way Point 5cc gives back to the community is by providing lightly used binders FREE to any and all that purchase a Tshirt! Point 5cc has given away over 50 Binders!! This page is where you can find what size, and color binders we have available each week. 

It's easy as 1.2.3!

1. Check here for your binder size and color availability.

2. Purchase your latest Point 5cc Tshirt!

3. Send and Email to Point5ccTshirtCompany@gmail.com with your ORDER EMAIL and which size/color binder you would like FREE with your purchase!

Then, just simply wait for a confirmation from me, and await your NEW tshirt and FREE binder in the mail!

 All Binders go very quickly. Only guarantee is your size! I do my BEST to give everyone their desired binder!! :)

Binders For This week- 


              2- SMALL- White

              1- SMALL- Black

              1- SMALL- Black Velco Binder

              1- SMALL- Black Muscle Shirt Binder

              1- MEDIUM- Black Post Surgery

              1- M/L- Tank Top Compression/Binder

              1- XSMALL- White Tshirt Binder

              1- XSMALL- White Muscle Shirt Binder

              1- 2XL- White Bullet Briefs Elastic Binder

              1- 2XL- Black Bullet Briefs Elastic Binder

              1- 3XL- White Bullet Briefs Elastic Binder

              1- 3XL- Black Bullet Briefs Elastic Binder



 *****ANYBODY who has a lightly used binder and they would like to donate it to Point 5cc PLEASE hit the Contact Us link and I will contact you with further details on how to donate******








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