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Point 5cc: Stealth Trans* Clothing & Accessories

Point 5cc Tshirt Company, LLC.

Stealth Style & Trans Friendly Tshirts 

Point 5cc is more than just t-shirts: it’s about pride in our identities.

For the last few years, Point 5cc has become synonymous with showing pride and support for the transgender (and LGBT) community. 

Some transgender people and those who love them purchase our shirts to show their pride in being a transgender or gender non-conforming person. Some folks buy shirts to show their support of family and friends. Others simply love the designs! 

For far too many trans* people, support is critical -- wearing Point 5cc gear is one way folks feel that support.

We have always aimed to create high-quality, trans-inspired clothes that build community and support equality and awareness. Every shirt is screened to order, by hand, by creator Aydian Dowling. As a result of our quality and our message, the Point 5cc community is growing. 

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